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Affordable and Dependable EV Chargers

At Encore Energy Group, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality energy-saving EV chargers at an affordable price. With Encore, you can bring the top of the line JuiceBox™ EV Charging solutions to your commercial business. Maximize your return on investment with the high demand for EV charging stations as more and more drivers purchase electric vehicles.

The Juice Pedestal Commercial Charging


Available in 32A, 40A, 48A, and 80A options, the JuicePedestal™ offers best-in-class smart charging for businesses, municipalities, property owners and fleet managers that want to offer EV charging to their employees, customers and tenants.

With universal EV compatibility and a UL certification, JuicePedestal™ is an all-purpose commercial charging station for EV drivers that features two JuiceBoxes with 20 foot cables with a retractable pulley system. JuicePedestal™ offers flexible charging port configurations and multiple payment options.


JuiceStand™ Pro

Designed with a robust steel construction, JuiceStand™ Pro is a freestanding mount that is ideal for open areas where wall mounting is inaccessible. This stand is the perfect mounting solution for the JuiceBox™ EV charger.

It is ideal for multi-unit dwellings, workplaces, small businesses, and more. JuiceStand™ Pro’s small footprint is perfect for areas with limited parking, and the unit can hold one or two JuiceBox™ Pro chargers, which are compatible with all electric vehicle models.

Juice Box Pro Condo Commercial Charging


JuiceRouter™ can securely connect up to sixteen Enel X smart charging stations to JuiceNet – our smart charging platform – and allows operators to scale EV charging operations without overloading their existing WiFi network capacity. This leads directly to lower operating expenses and reduced overhead. JuiceRouter™ allows users to leverage our smart EVSE management dashboards and optimize charging behavior even if their charging stations are located in areas without a reliable Internet connection. With the JuiceRouter™, Enel X’s smart charging stations provide reliable LTE-to-WiFi connectivity across the installation property. A single cellular data plan can be used for multiple smart charging stations, driving down operating costs. JuiceRouter™ provides operators with access to a scalable EV infrastructure, so that they can adapt to growing EV charging demand.

Charge Faster, Smarter, and Cleaner for Less

With the smart charging options from Encore Energy Group, you can reduce your operational expenses and your environmental impact. Our team will find you the best rebates and incentives available and provide turnkey installation for EV smart charging stations of your choice. Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could qualify for.