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Our team of professionals take a multi-faceted approach when evaluating your current lighting environment. We resolve whether current fixtures can be updated to LED technology or if upgrading to new fixtures is essential in our pursuit to save you money. Take advantage of utility incentives and rebates to bring high-speed electric vehicle charging stations to your property today. Attract more visitors and invest in a lasting solution with compact, durable, and efficient EV charging stations. Our EVSE options offer flexible installation, energy efficiency, and a high charging speed to keep your customers satisfied.

We supply the best solution for our clients because we are not exclusive to one charger brand. All our chargers will be incentive eligible, and we take all your wants/needs into consideration when determining the ideal charging manufacturer. 

Customers are paramount. The EVSE market is far too young for brand names to trump quality customer service, simplicity, pricing, and maintenance/warranty contracts. The charger is just the icing on the cake. Timing plays a critical role. Clients are brand agnostic and rely on existing relationships with trusted professionals to assess needs, research the best possible solutions, and minimize capital expenditure (leveraging incentives & flexible financing options).

Custom branding hardware & software available on MADE IN THE USA equipment. We also supply universal EV charger stands, wall-mount retractors, and universal retractable cable management systems.

Encore has a team dedicated to incentive management and can provide support where needed.

Encore’s engineering partner, Gannett Fleming, can site a property and develop a Scope of Work for qualified electricians to bid on. Then, Encore will engage our installer network for multiple quotes to ensure our clients pay the best rate (and use a qualified professional). 



Our fastest charging option can charge an electric vehicle’s battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes.



With our charging station options, you can save on upfront costs with compact and lightweight DCFC (Direct Current Fast Charge).



All of our commercial charging stations comply with North American standards, making them compatible with all electric vehicles.


Eligible for

Our EV charging options are approved for utility and state-sponsored incentive programs.

Trusted EV Solutions with Innovative Designs

With the user-friendly smart charging features from Encore Energy Group, you can reduce your operational expenses and your carbon footprint. Our friendly and experienced team is dedicated to helping you find the best rebates and incentives available and provide turnkey installation for the Enel X EV charging stations of your choice. Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could qualify for.