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Encore Energy Group provides its clients with comprehensive solutions, financing, installation, and more.

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A Leader In Sustainable Energy Solutions

Encore provides customers with a turn-key ESVE infrastructure solutions to include consulting, financing, installation, distribution, and grant/rebate incentive application services.

Encore has focused on high-quality and affordable energy-saving products. For over 12 years, Encore LED LLC has provided environmentally-friendly LED lighting to a multitude of industries. After becoming the largest industrial and commercial LED lighting installer in the tri-state area, Encore decided to find even more ways to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions. As the leading East Coast Distributor of the JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ EV charging stations from Enel X, Encore Energy Group (Encore) brings best-in-class EV Charging solutions to commercial businesses looking to add value to customers, guests, and employees. Our goal is to help you get the most from your EV infrastructure to support the growing demand for sustainability as more drivers move toward electric vehicles.


Our Charging Stations

With the JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ smart charging stations, you can quickly and efficiently power your customers, tenants, and employees’ electric vehicles. Investing in EV charging equipment means investing in a cleaner Earth. Reduce your carbon footprint by increasing the number of EV charging stations in your area.

With more and more drivers purchasing fully electric vehicles, EV charging stations are becoming a necessary investment. To maximize a return on your investment, Enel X designed smart charging stations, which are stations that can connect to the Internet and respond to grid signals. With these smart charging stations, your business can enhance your charging sessions and access rebates and incentives that will help you save money on electricity bills. In addition, you can easily customize your charging station with smart charging features, like power monitoring, scheduling and setting reminders.

Businesses and property owners can effortlessly transition to carbon free power with Encore Energy Group’s commercial EV charging stations.


Who We Serve

Encore works with property managers, car dealerships, fleets, restaurants, commercial facilities, university, hospitals, and even cities and governments to provide quality EV Charging solutions and increase property value. Add high-speed EV charging stations to your property with Encore Energy Group. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and review of the ESVE rebates and incentives that you could receive by installing EV charging infrastructure.

Charge Faster, Smarter, and Cleaner for Less

With the smart charging options from Encore Energy Group, you can reduce your operational expenses and your environmental impact. Our team will find you the best rebates and incentives available and provide turnkey installation for EV smart charging stations of your choice. Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could qualify for.