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JuicePump™ 175 kW

The JuicePump™ 175kW, an advanced version of the JuicePump™ 50kW, is a DC fast charging EV station that can power electric vehicles to 80% in under 20 minutes. This durable, efficient charging station is designed for high usage customers, including fleets and re-fueling stations. The JuicePump™ 175kW allows you to effortlessly bring in new customers with quick charging times and convenient 13.5-foot charging cables.

  • Offer customers, tenants, and employees faster charging stations
  • The JuicePump™ 175 kW can power vehicles up to 80% in under 20 minutes
  • Drivers can easily pay for charging services with a mobile device or an unattended credit card terminal
  • Two 13.5-foot cables for convenient charging
  • Save on CAPEX with modular and field upgradable DCFC
  • Universal compatibility with all electric vehicles (Tesla’s require an adapter)
  • 2-year manufacturerer warranty for commercial use with an optional 3-year extension
  • Use the JuiceNet Enterprise software for user authentication, more payment options, and state-of-the-art energy management and reporting
What's Included

Faster Charging Speeds

  • Enjoy lightning fast charging speeds that can power electric vehicles up to 80% in under 20 minutes.

Universally Compatible with EVs

  • The JuicePump™ is compatible with all electric vehicles and complies with CCS-1 and CHAdeMO. (Teslas require an adapter.)

Utilize Incentives

  • By choosing the JuicePump™, you can easily save money with utility and state-sponsored incentive programs.


  • Connectors: Single CCS (Type 1); Dual CHadeMO and CCS (Type 1)
  • Cord Length: 13.5 ft
  • Output current: CCS up to 350A; CHAdeMO up to 200A
  • Output Voltage: 200 V to 920 V DC
  • Electrical Output: Up to 175 kW
  • Supply Frequency: 60 Hz
  • IP/IK Rating: IP65, NEMA Type 3R;
  • Efficiency: >98.5%
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Temperature: -31°F to 122°F
  • RFID: RFID supported with standards: MIFARE ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693,ISO/IEC18000-3, FeliCa, NFC, EMV 2.0
  • Optional universal payment terminal that accepts VISA, AMEX, MasterCard and Apple Pay
  • JuiceNet Enterprise Software: A precise measurement of power, energy, voltage, and current.
  • Web-based portal: program payment rates and charging hours, monitor charging status and consumption data, control station access, and load balancing.
  • App for drivers to monitor and pay for charging services (iOS & Android)
  • Weight: 573 lbs/260 kg
  • Electrical Protection: Short circuit; Over voltage: RCD
  • Dimensions: H: 6.7 in / 2011 mm x W: 3.3 in / 993 mm x D: 1.9 in / 532 mm
  • Certifications: cUL, UL, CHAdeMO, RCM, FCC, IC


  • Input: 480VAC (Canada 600VAC) +/-10% 3ph
  • Input Overvoltage Category: Category 3
  • Output Voltage: 950V DC
  • Electrical Output: Up to 178 kW
  • Supply Frequency: 60 Hz +/-10%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 5%
  • Efficiency: >96.5%
  • Power Factor: >0.99
  • Temperature: -31°F to 122°F
  • IP/IK Rating: IP65, NEMA Type 3R
  • Power Supply: Battery backed UPS
  • Network Connection: 4G and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dimensions: H: 2147 mm x W: 650 mm x D: 1055
  • Weight: 1102lb/500kg; 2178lb/980kg with transformer
  • Communication Protocol: Open ADR Certified. OCPP 1.6J with TLS1.2 encryption and Smart Charging Profile
  • Maximum Current: At 480 VAC – 250A (Canada at 600VAC – 200A)
  • Overcurrent Protection: UL Listed 320A (Canada 250A) Breaker (The nominal rating must not exceed 320A in order to maintain primary protection for the LV transformer)
  • Minimum buried cable for AC link: Twin 3/0 Cu for L1, L2, L3 Single 3/0 Cu for PE
  • Maximum length for buried cable for AC link as described above: 656ft/200m
  • Product Warranty: 2 years
  • A dispenser unit with two 13.5-foot charging ports that are universally compatible with all EVs (Tesla’s require an adapter)
  • A NEMA-rated power unit that is Open ADR Certified

The JuicePump™ 175kW can be installed by Encore Energy Group’s trained installers. Contact us today to learn more!

Be sure to get in touch with the friendly and professional staff at Encore Energy Group for your EV charging station installation. Whether you want to upgrade your existing property with a few of these stations or add them to a blueprint for a property underway, give us a call or connect with us via our contact page. We look forward to serving you here in Fairfield, NJ.