Selecting A Viable Charging Station Location

Selecting A Viable Charging Station Location


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Selecting A Viable Charging Station Location





Selecting a site for the installation of electric charging stations might not appear to be a very difficult task, but as you explore the issues you will come to appreciate the need for an analytic partner, like Encore Energy. Here are a few of the questions you’ll need to address:

  • How many charging stations are there in the area that you will be competing with?
  • How do you determine whether the electrical supply at that location is adequate?
  • Is there enough property not only for the charging stations but for future changes in stations and additional services that will certainly become available?
  • Will the local government jurisdiction permit the installation and also permit its presence to be promoted through bright lighting?
  • What are the variables to consider if the site is to accommodate commercial as well as private vehicles?

As you can see, the list is extensive but each issue needs to be analyzed so your investment is not at risk and you can maximize your return.

To request an abbreviated analysis of a site you have in mind, click below, or to arrange for an extensive feasibility study that includes permitting, available rebates, and financing, click below to maximize your understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the site.