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Encore Energy Group provides its clients with comprehensive solutions, financing, installation, and more.

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Become an EVSE Certified Installer

Open up a whole new revenue stream in under 1 Hour!

• Fill out this form and click “Get Certified”
• Sign up and sign in
• Take the quick course & exam

Start earning as an authorized EVSE installer, repairer, and upgrader!

THE FUTURE IS HERE! Are you ready?

Get ahead of the curve now, and become one of the few currently certified installers. Getting certified as an EVSE Installer only takes about an hour, and opens up new services for you and your business to provide. Offer installations, repairs, and upgrades to governments, commercial and residential real estate owners, automotive dealerships, and more – then watch as your value to customers skyrockets!

Enhance the Consumer Experience with EV Charging Stations

The demand for EV charging stations is growing rapidly. According to BNEF, electric vehicles are expected to make up 10% of all car sales by 2025 and 50% of all car sales by 2040. Now is the time to get established in the EV industry by setting yourself up as the ideal option for high-speed EV charging for consumers and employees.

New EV Vehicle Charging Solution

Charge Faster, Smarter, and Cleaner for Less

With the smart charging options from Encore Energy Group, you can reduce your operational expenses and your environmental impact. Our team will find you the best rebates and incentives available and provide turnkey installation for EV smart charging stations of your choice. Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could qualify for.